11 February 2011

You Ayunk

Ayunk, should you read this you must know
at times I'm childish and always shallow

far from a perfect person
not even better, close, not even true
do wrongs for every cloudy reason
don't know. It's not clear, I have no clue

please take my hands, hold them tight
come walk with me, no matter what
there goes the day, night over night
be in my heart, don't be apart

with sincere eyes, I say this true
if there no tears, my heart's a fool
for my past, what I've been through
history remains, yet scarred me cruel
I shall forget, now I'm with you ;

Oh my dear you were hurt too
you such a nice, kept it in you
forgive me, Ayunk I really do
I love you my baby boo ;p
from the first day at PJU!