24 March 2015

1 Year of You

I leave
U live..

It's been a year since I first met you. Feels like I've known you for ages. How sweet u've made my life. I can describe perfectly the clothes you were wearing that night we sat for our coffees. :)

Just so u know, not a single day since I last met u that I don't remember you. I need not mention that to you for I keep everything to myself now.

Maleficent 23rd : I got your message. I remember u always, everyday. Not only yesterday.

I love you
through my veins
beyond any pains
so I have to leave you..

Aku sayang ko, dulu, sekarang, sampai bila- bila. Good nite.

05 November 2014

and this is for you, still for you

I didn't
I don't and I won't
do that or those
or whatever things
that u said or thought
that I've done..

My heart is with you.

I will now continue to write here with a hope that someday
One fine day
U will read this  and realise that I am honest
and sincere with you, my dear.
Even if it will be too later too late..

04 September 2014


Jiwa aku perlu terus hidup

Al-Ikhlas : yang kita cari-cari, kita tak temui
kita bawa jalan sendiri,
kita cari Tuhan kita sendiri

Tapi sayang ni dah terpahat dalam hati
memang Aku terpaksa bawa pergi sekali

Putus asa putus dah binasa.

Cobalah Mengerti dulu tak pernah kau faham
Tak Ada Yang Abadi dalam maksud dia, penutup kita.

03 July 2014

100 Days of Sayang


Though I gave you all my heart
why we both now are apart

And catched you a beautiful star
now that we are so afar