26 April 2014

Sayang 3x :)

First time we met; it was dawn late
No matter what time, it was our fate.

With your glowing eyes and a simple smile
We sat for coffee just for a while
Between the drinks, within an eye blink
Oh Sayang dear, winter turned into spring!

If you read this you really should know
My heart for you, could melt a snow
At first I thought might just a flow
Fly away freely, disappear.. as the wind blow.

How am so fool to have thought so
More I think it off, the more it won't go.

Oh Sayang dear, I made a mistake
Ignorance, deception; thought your heart's a fake.

I hurt you, I'm so fucked up, no more what-the-heck!
Thought of losing you? Shit, my world turns black!

Could you forgive, could you forget, for our love sake thus no regret
Let's start over, let's do it right, stand by each others, our days so bright.

I love you, Sayang.

Kau sayang aku macam nyawa kau..